Lifetime Care Club – Dog

Bishopton’s Lifetime Care Club enables you to budget for your dog’s routine preventative care to help keep your dog fit and healthy, and ensure a long and happy life. Regular visits mean your dog’s health is carefully monitored which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future.

Lifetime Care Club includes:

  • Annual vaccinations including kennel cough                                                          Dog cartoon
  • 6-monthly vet health checks
  • Year-round control of fleas, ticks and worms
  • Free nurse clinics including dental, nutrition and weight management advice

Additional benefits include:

  • 0% finance on all treatments over £250
  • Discounts on other in-house services
  • Timely reminders

 LCC A5 Dog Back Nov 19

Lifetime Care Club Extra

Our Lifetime Care Club Extra offers the following additional benefits:-

  • Free claw clips & anal gland expression (rather than half-price)
  • Choice of parasite control regime

To join the Lifetime Care Club Extra there is an additional fee of one month’s membership payable each year, (i.e. £13 /£15/£17/£23 per month).  Please speak to a member of our Client Care Team for more details.