Piglets suckling in hay
Specialist consulting advice on pig herd health and management
Vet sits between three pigs
Tap into over 45 years of pig industry expertise

Pig Services at Bishopton Vets

Specialist consulting advice on pig herd health and management are a hallmark of the pig department at Bishopton Veterinary Group, and we have been providing service to the UK and International pig industry for over 45 years.

Our focus has always been on the correct management of the individual pig in order to promote good health and to minimise the effects of disease. We have a team of five full time veterinary surgeons who are dedicated to the area of pig health and work within the UK pig industry, as well as further afield. Their roles vary from direct advice to commercial pig farmers and training of staff, through to rigorous research projects that will influence the industry and independent advice to Government and retailers.

Thu 23rd February 2023
Apply for a grant for specific items of equipment and technology for farming, horticultural or forestry businesses in England.
Thu 23rd February 2023
The first step on the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, the Annual Health and Welfare Review, opened on Tuesday 7th February.