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At Bishopton we are proud to work closely with our sheep clients to optimise health and welfare, drive productivity and maximise economic return. 

We offer a full range of services tailored towards the needs of your flock. Our highly experienced team are equipped with the expertise and equipment to deliver a number of core services, a great value Flock Herd Health Scheme and additional advanced services.

Our team have a raft of experience working with pedigree and commercial herds. We provide both proactive flock level advice and ambulatory care to flocks of any size. The following services are part of our core offering, available on a stand alone basis. For a more holistic approach, please investigate the benefits of our Flock Health Scheme. 

Summary of Sheep Services
Lameness control

Sheep lameness is undoubtedly one of the most important health and welfare issues facing the UK sheep industry. Lameness not only represents a health and welfare challenge, it reduces performance and costs the sheep industry millions of pounds in terms of labour, treatments and premature culling.

We are keen to work with our flocks on a regular basis to assess the prevalence of lameness, ascertain the causes and look for solutions.

Parasite Control

Parasites can have a devastating effect on flock performance, affecting growth rates and even causing mortality. Our vets work together with our trained dispensary team to ensure clients are using the correct products, at the correct time of year, at the correct dosage to ensure best results. We offer regular worm egg counts and have a team of suitably qualified persons both within our dispensary and on the road. 


We offer a range of competitively priced medicines including a full range of parasite control products. Medicine advice, availability and technical support are all included within our pricing structure. As well as fully stocked farm dispensaries at all of our branches we are able to offer a free zonal delivery service for medicines providing you with the peace of mind that access to medicines when you need them will not be a problem.


Fertility is one of the main drivers of output from the sheep flock.  A collective effort must be made to optimise the number of lambs finished or sold from each ewe through careful management.  We can offer a number of services to help you achieve fertility success:

  • Advice on advancing and/or synchronising the breeding season. 
  • Ram fertility testing and ram vasectomies.
  • Farm data analysis and investigation of reduced reproductive performance, abortion and poor lamb performance.
  • Metabolic disease monitoring and body condition scoring to inform advice around Nutrition.
Post-Mortem Investigations

Post-Mortem investigations can be a vital way to gain information about the disease status of your farm. This increased understanding may allow you to implement changes that benefit the remainder of the herd now and in the future. 

Our team includes vets who have done further training in post-mortem technique and diagnosis. 

Infectious Disease

Infectious disease can have a devastating impact on health and productivity. If your flock has been living with a disease for some time you might not even be aware of the losses incurred. We offer routine surveillance and advise on national scheme membership as well as perform risk assessments and action plans tailored to specific diseases. 

This includes support for infectious disease management including achieving accreditation status with the SAC PSGHS (Maedi visna, Scrapie and EAE) and additional work with Johnes, OPA and Border Disease

Farm Assurance Reviews

Membership of our Bishopton Flock Health Scheme includes an annual herd health plan and performance review. This covers all veterinary red tractor farm assurance requirements, including your annual antibiotic review.