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Exclusively for those with a smaller number of farm animals, our smallholder club provides a package of tools designed specifically with smaller flocks and herds in mind.

The scheme is tailored to promote the best ways to keep livestock healthy and focuses on priority areas of management and preventative medicine.

Aims of the Smallholder Club
  • Deliver the knowledge and practical skills required to undertake essential husbandry and healthcare tasks.
  • Connect local smallholders, creating a network to share ideas with.
  • Provide insights into best practice for purchasing, biosecurity and treatment protocols.
Membership benefits
  • Bespoke flock or herd calendar outlining the vaccinations, parasite control, routine procedures, and fertility management tasks to be carried out throughout the year
  • Three interactive group training sessions per year covering topical issues, delivered by vets.
  • Organised vaccine days between club members, reducing your costs.
  • Access to technician help to carry out husbandry and healthcare tasks.
  • Registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMA) on hand to help advise and supply a wide range of animal health care products.
  • 25% off FarmSkills training courses.
  • 20% off all pet bills.
Smallholder Club Meetings

Date of next Smallholder Club meeting TBC

For more information please call 01765 602396 or email