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Tue 6th April 2021
Our Spring 2021 Farm Services Newsletter is now available
Wed 10th March 2021
We are on the look out for new canine blood donors...
Thu 4th February 2021
Take a look at all our available farm services we currently offer!
Fri 8th January 2021
Check out the latest edition of our Farm Newsletter for 2021!
Tue 10th November 2020
Check out our upcoming online discussion groups for you to take part!
Sun 1st November 2020
Our fourth online sheep discussion group meeting on Sheep Nutrition and How to prevent disease.
Thu 8th October 2020
Check out our Autumn newsletter here.
Thu 1st October 2020
Including information on Moving and Handling Pigs, APHA Cost Effectiveness of Biosecurity Study Opportunity, Are your vaccines being stored correctly? and What are we seeing out there – Tail Biting
Tue 1st September 2020
Pets and bonfire night don’t mix. The days leading up to it can be hugely stressful for all pets. Dogs, in particular, are often badly affected by fireworks. Some get so scared they run off after bein...