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Tue 5th October 2021
Our autumn issue of the farm newsletter is now available.
Fri 1st October 2021
Our online equine autumn newsletter is now available.
Mon 23rd August 2021
We are on the look out for new canine blood donors...
Mon 2nd August 2021
Ever wondered what happens to a patient during a routine proceedure?
Tue 6th July 2021
Our farm services newsletter has had a makeover! Read the summer issue now.
Tue 8th June 2021
If you are planning to travel abroad with your pet please allow extra time to get pet passports issued as the process could take longer due to changes as a result of Brexit.
Thu 20th May 2021
Interested in becoming an RVN? Find out more about it here ...
Tue 6th April 2021
Our Spring 2021 Farm Services Newsletter is now available
Thu 4th February 2021
Take a look at all our available farm services we currently offer!