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Lifetime Care Club

Our Lifetime Care Clubs are a cost effective way to protect your pet, using the highest possible standard of medications, treatments, advice and support. Enabling you to budget for your pet’s routine preventative care to help keep your pet fit and healthy.

Our Lifetime Care Club was developed to make a comprehensive plan to enable you to be the best pet guardian possible. The plan is free to join and enables you to spread the cost of routine health care whilst offering generous discounts.

Membership provides your pet with all the healthcare essentials they need to give them the best chance of a long and happy life with you.

Our Lifetime Care Club consists of the following:

1. Lifetime Care Club Complete provides all the support you need to ensure your pet has a long and happy life. The plan covers your annual vaccinations, 6-monthly vet health check, year round parasite control delivered direct to your door, unlimited nail clips, unlimited anal gland expression, 10% off consultations (within our normal opening hours), 10% off dentistry, 10% off neutering and unlimited nurse clinics.

2. Lifetime Care Club - Test & Treat is an innovative new plan which involves testing to see if vaccination or parasiticides are required, rather than preventative treatments. Under the Test & Treat plan you are required to drop off quarterly faecal samples and bring your pet in for an annual blood test, you would then be advised of any parasitic or vaccination requirements. 

Regular visits to your vet means your pet's health is carefully monitored which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future. 

To see what else is included within our Lifetime Care Club packages click on the images below: