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Lifetime Care Club – Terms and Conditions

  • The Lifetime Care Club membership is not transferable.
  • If your Lifetime Care Club membership is cancelled before the annual renewal date (date of signature) a £10+VAT cancellation fee per animal will be charged and the bill for goods received under the Lifetime Care Club will be payable immediately, less any debits received.
  • Our Lifetime Care Club is not an insurance but covers your pet for all of their preventative treatment.
  • This is a 12-month rolling contract.
  • If you are a new client or haven't visited us recently we will need to arrange an appointment with one of our vets prior to any medication being dispensed.
  • Puppies & kittens will pay an additional one-off payment of £30 if they require their primary vaccinations or will pay the standard monthly direct debit fee of £19.50 (dogs) and £16.50 (cats) if they have already had their first vaccinations.   
  • Puppies & kittens are only allowed to go onto the home delivery service after they are 6-months of age, when their weight has started to stabilise.
  • Payments will be taken by separate monthly direct debits.
  • There may be an annual price increase at the discretion of the practice. We will write to you in advance of this happening.
  • All products included in the annual subscription i.e. vaccinations, flea and worming treatments must be taken within the annual payment period. Products can not be carried forward to the next annual year.
  • Certain products if requested specifically may attract a surcharge.
  • In line with medical advancements product recommendations may change.
  • The information I have included on my Lifetime Care Club form is true and complete.
  • I understand that if I have not given all the information that I know or can reasonably get that is relevant to my application this contract will not be legally valid.