Is your Farm Medicine Store 2020 ready?

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Veterinary medicines represent an important part of the health, welfare and productivity of your farm business. Furthermore, as we embark on serious trade negotiations in 2020, veterinary medicines are one of the key areas of concerns for UK and overseas consumers of livestock food products. It is therefore essential that confidence is high in our products as we seek to show how ‘British is Best’ and support the trade campaign based on ‘Britain (and NI) is Great’. Imports of US and South American beef represent a major threat; it is helpful if we can show that medicines are used much more sustainably in UK farming. This is especially important with the threat of antimicrobial resistance and concerns over medicines residues in food for human consumption.

Retailers and processors are also taking a much stronger line. Farm assurance inspections and herd health planning now increasingly include both training on how to use medicines responsibly but also assess how they are stored.

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