Three Farmers undertake training with dairy cows.
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We aim to provide good quality, structured farm animal EMS for students who are considering a career in farm animal practice.

We think that it is important that the farm vets of the future get the chance to experience EMS that is relevant to the modern dairy, beef and sheep industries. We aim to provide placements which allow students to gain a true representation of work as a farm vet and to have the chance to develop knowledge and skills suitable for your level of the course. Where it is possible, we try to deliver seminars to help you build on the foundation of knowledge you gain at vet school and to allow you to apply this knowledge into clinical scenarios.

To help you get the most out of your placement we ask that you have undertaken an element of clinical teaching before your placement with us. Due to high demand, we book placements for a maximum of two weeks. For more information please send an email to with the completed application form available to download below.