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Lifetime Care Club - Cats

Pay nothing upfront apart from your 1st monthly payment of £16.50

Bishopton’s Lifetime Care Club enables you to budget for your cat's routine preventative care to help keep your cat fit and healthy, and ensure a long and happy life. Regular visits mean your cat's health is carefully monitored which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future.

Our registered clients can take advantage of this fabulous scheme and sign up to our Lifetime Care Club today, by clicking the button to our online portal below!

Once you have completed the online form we will contact you to confirm you are set up.

If you are a new client or haven't visited us recently we will need to arrange an appointment for your pet to see one of our vets prior to any medication being dispensed.


Our Cat Lifetime Care Club costs just £16.50 per month and includes:-
  • Annual vaccinations
  • 6-monthly vet health checks
  • Gold Standard flea, tick and worm protection including lungworm (delivered direct to your door 4-times a year)
  • Unlimited nail clips
  • 20% off dentistry
  • 10% off all consultations (excluding out-of-hours)
  • 10% off neutering
  • 10% off senior health checks
  • Unlimited nurse clinics including dental, nutrition and weight management advice
  • Free standard microchip
Additional Notes
  • Our Lifetime Care Club is not an insurance but covers your pet for all of their preventative treatment.
  • This is a 12-month rolling contract.   
  • Kittens will pay an additional one-off payment of £30 if they require the primary course of vaccinations or will pay the standard monthly direct debit fee of £16.50 if they have already had their first vaccination.  
  • Kittens are only allowed to go onto our home delivery service after they are 6-months of age, when their weight has started to stabilise.
  • Vaccinations for kittens include: Feline Leukaemia, Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Herpes and Calicivirus (cat flu). Excludes Rabies and Chlamydia.