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As part of our on-going commitment to the UK pig industry and the future veterinary profession, we welcome students with an interest in pigs.

Through pig EMS at Bishopton Vets we aim to help develop veterinary students with an interest in this area, and allow them an insight into the way the profession operates within such a specialist sector. It is impossible to convey this through lectures and the packed timetables of the Veterinary Schools, so allow us to introduce you to our World!

We aim to enable students to obtain a full immersion into on farm visits, with provision made for differing health statuses, along with follow up seminars, post mortem work, sample submissions and when possible, slaughter checks. Placements are generally for two consecutive weeks and can be taken at any point during the calendar year after prior consultation with us.

What do we expect from you? This is not 'usual' EMS and hence we would expect a certain drive and interest towards the pig sector, including you having already spent some time obtaining pre-clinical pig EMS or similar pig industry experience, along with your commitment to gaining as much as you can from the placement - EMS is certainly a two way process and we expect to be questioned as much as you would be!

Places are limited and demand can be high but we would encourage anyone who is interested to contact us in plenty of time (preferably in the Autumn for placements the following year). If you have any questions regarding our Pig EMS placements then please do get in touch. 

If you are looking for a clinical pig EMS placement for 2024, please email pigs@bishoptonvets.co.uk