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COVID-19 Information

Please be aware that vets have been granted key worker status in order to continue to play their role in supporting food production in the UK.

However every farm visit that we make does need to be justified as either:

  1. Having a direct welfare implication Or
  2. Have a direct link to continuity of food production / supply.

and during any visit we must stick to government guidance on social distancing.

In the event that a farm visit is needed, we would carry this out in the following way:

  1. A detailed phone call would occur prior to any visit in order to collect information regarding the clinical issue(s) on farm.
  2. Following this a visit plan (+/- sampling) can be put together.
  3. If you have had any member of staff that has needed to self-isolate within the last 14 days, please do let us know of this prior to the visit.
  4. Ideally we would carry out the farm visit alone, including any sampling. Suitable PPE will be worn by us, and normal farm biosecurity provisions complied with where possible.
  5. If a member of staff is needed (i.e. to restrain pigs for blood sampling or nasal/tonsil swabs) then a conversation with that person would be had to confirm that they agree to this and that they are not in contact with any high risk individuals/are a high risk individual themselves. If so, a different member of staff should be sought to assist.
  6. Follow up discussion following the visit would then be carried out via a phone call, or email with any action(s) detailed.

We realise that this will create inconvenience but believe this approach affords the best possible chance to support pig welfare by maintaining an ambulatory Veterinary service during this unprecedented period, as well as minimising risk to our clients.