Weight Loss Trial

Bishopton Vets have launched a weight loss programme to help dogs lose weight.

At the heart of this initiative is the strong belief that a correct bodyweight significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and mobility issues  for a dog, so this programme is about doing the right thing for your beloved pet.

The programme is part of a trial being run by VetSpec, a North Yorkshire company which specialises in pet foods containing high-quality nutritional supplements. The range has bee developed by their team of veterinary surgeons and nutritionists whose aim is to achieve excellence in every aspect of canine nutrition.

The food you will be given for your dog is a specifically-designed weight loss diet with a lower concentration of calories than other similar products on the market. It is super premium quality and hypo-allergenic, with no wheat or gluten content.

Taking part in the programme is easy:-

  • Book your examination and blood test with one of our nurses at your nearest practice
  • The weight loss food is available to buy at the practice.
  • Only feed your pet the food provided
  • Attend a follow-up appointment every two weeks for your pet to be weighed and measured

For further information on the VetSpec range of products please click here


Alfie’s weight loss success story: Alfie started the trial VetSpec SuperLite weight loss trial in April 2017 weighing in at 7.9okg and had slowed down on his walks. He made excellent progress – ate his food well and gradually lost weight over the next few weeks. His energy levels improved a great deal and he was much keener to go out for walks. He gradually reached his target weight of 6kg. He had lost 24% of his body weight and was like a different dog – wanting to run and play much more. I would thoroughly recommend VetSpec SuperLite to anyone who thinks their dog is overweight.

Mr Dyson (Alfie’s owner)

Jet started on the VetSpec SuperLite weight loss trial on 9th September weighing 43kg with an abdominal girth of 83cm. He was weighed every 2 weeks and his owners noticed a huge improvement in his energy, mobility and much keener to go for walks. On 10th January he weighed 35.9kg and is target weight of 35kg is in striking distance.

Mr & Mrs Sweeney (Jet’s owners)

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