Our services

Some of the services we offer include:

Parasite control

We recommend worming your dogs and cats four times a year in order to maintain both the health of your pets and the health of the environment.

We offer a wide range of products to ensure your pets are free from harmful worms and parasites and can give advice on how to ensure they are not at risk when out in the garden or on walks.

Fleas, Ticks and Mites

We recommend monthly flea treatments for all pets. If your pet is particularly susceptible to ticks and mites too we sell combination products to ensure full protection and control. If your pet does get fleas, we have products in our dispensary to treat your home as well.

Should your pet come home with a tick, our nurses will remove the parasite and give advice on products that can prevent them being bitten in the future.


We aim to vaccinate animals with the MINIMUM amount needed to provide the MAXIMUM protection. We constantly review all current recommendations to ensure our policies are kept up to date.

Puppy, Kitten and Rabbit Clinics

Our nurses will give advice on worming, flea treatments and neutering as well as help with insurance and behavioural issues.

Pet Passport Scheme

If you want to travel abroad with your pets we can give you advice on what is required and make sure the correct medical procedures are carried out before going away.

Pet Food and Other Supplies

All our surgeries stock a range of pet foods and supplies. If we haven’t got what you want in stock we can usually get it for you within 24 hours.


Microchipping is now compulsory for dogs and recommended for cats. We can make sure your pet is permanently identifiable should they be lost at any point

Insurance Advice

We offer an administration facility to help you with your insurance claims, should your pet need treatment that will be expensive.

Dental Clinics

We run free nurse dental clinics to check pets’ teeth and formulate personal dental plans to ensure their mouths remain disease free. Our nurses can discuss dental disease in dogs and cats and how to prevent it.

After 8 Years

We run geriatric profiles on pets over 8 to help ensure they remain healthy. These include a full health check by a veterinary nurse, a urine test, blood test and an appointment with the vet to discuss the findings.