Why choose Bishopton Radio Iodine Cat Centre?

Bishopton Vet cat


Vet Lucy Preece, nurse and cat

We have been providing radio iodine therapy since March 2008 and have successfully treated over 500 cats.

As an RCVS Veterinary hospital, our friendly staff are on site 24 hours a day to provide round the clock care for your cat. We’ll also contact you  every day so you know how your cat is when they’re with us.

We have achieved the Cat Friendly Silver Award, as presented by International Cat Care.

We hospitalise patients for the minimum length of time post treatment, dependant on home circumstances. This is now from seven days after treatment. We recognise the need to balance  radiation safety for owners with minimising in-patient time.

Our centre is accommodated within a well-equipped veterinary hospital, so any additional diagnostic tests or treatments can be performed (within radiation safety restraints).

We keep patient numbers low so your cat can receive the individual care and attention they deserve.

We’re located on the edge of Ripon, within easy reach of the A1M

If you are wishing to inquire about our Radio Iodine Unit, please contact Lucy Preece at radioiodine@bishoptonvets@bishoptonvets.co.uk