Passports and Microchipping

All horses, ponies and donkeys should now have a passport, regardless of their age*, type and use. This is a legal requirement. If your horse needs veterinary attention please have his passport available at the time as we will need to check this before administering medication (this is not necessary if we have already identified your horse as a ‘non food equine’ under the medication control section of the passport and altered your horse’s record accordingly – please ask your vet if you are unsure whether this has been done). All vaccinations must be recorded in the passport of all horses.

Basic Identification Passport

If you have not yet applied for a passport for your horse it is very easy to do now. Your horse will need to have been micro-chipped to apply for a new passport which is straightforward and can be done at the same time as many other procedures such as routine vaccinations. We will scan your horse first to ensure a microchip has not already been implanted before inserting a new microchip which has a unique identification number. We can supply application forms for a basic identity passport (Pet ID) which you can then complete yourself before posting to the Passport Issuing Authority (PIA) in the freepost envelope supplied.

Breed Society and FEI Passports

If your horse requires a specific breed society or FEI passport, please contact the relevant breed society/PIA for advice and the relevant paperwork in advance of the vet’s visit. A few societies, e.g. Weatherbys, require us to implant a microchip supplied by the society. We have many of these already at the practice, but do please advise us when booking the appointment if this is required in case we need to source additional microchips. Most societies will also require a vet to complete an identification silhouette of the horse in addition to implanting a microchip. It may also be necessary for the vet to take a blood or hair sample from your horse for DNA analysis – again the PIA should advise accordingly.

*When does my new foal need a passport?

This needs to be done within six months of birth, or by December 31st of the year of the foal’s birth, whichever is later.

Any Questions…..?

The information available on Horse Passports can be a little confusing so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure what your horse requires or how to go about applying for the relevant passport.