Hospitalisation and Nursing Care

If your horse needs to stay at the practice for any amount of time, we can provide a home from home with our comfortable stables and a dedicated equine nurse. A patient may be with us for the day whilst certain procedures are undertaken, or they may be with us for a longer period in the case of medical management or wound care. Your vet will advise you as to when is most suitable for your horse to stay with us.

We have three loose boxes on site where there is 24 hour nursing cover. We choose to bed our patients on shredded cardboard as it is clean, dust free, hygienic and inedible. It is advisable to bring your horse’s own hay and feed, but the vet will advise you if a special diet is preferred. Any information you can give us about your horse’s normal routine at home is useful so they can really feel relaxed and comfortable in our care.