Dentistry is a vital part of equine healthcare. Routine dentistry should be primarily about preventative care to maintain the health of your horse’s mouth. Unfortunately, many developing dental problems, even quite severe ones appear to be symptomless as the horse ‘copes’ by adjusting eating patterns and disguising any discomfort. For this reason we recommend that your horse’s mouth and teeth are examined every 6-12 months depending on their age, dental history and oral conformation.


All our vets carry a full mouth speculum (gag) in their cars to allow a thorough oral examination. We have both motorized equipment and a full set of tungsten carbide blades with which to rasp teeth efficiently and effectively.


Our vets can provide sedation and pain relief as required, or local anaesthesia in appropriate cases. Most routine dentistry and procedures (such as the removal of ‘wolf teeth’) can be carried out at your yard, however you are also welcome to bring your horse to the clinic.