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Acupuncture Clinics

Acupuncture clinics are run by Les Cox BVM&S MRCVS at our Ripon Hospital

Acupuncture can be helpful in treating a multitude of conditions, and is especially useful in in providing relief for the following conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, intervertebral disk disease or traumatic nerve injury
  • Respiratory problems, such as feline asthma
  • Skin problems such as lick granulomas and allergic dermatitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems – such as diarrhoea
  • Selected reproductive problems

Acupuncture is well tolerated by most pets. A typical course of acupuncture would include 3 – 4 appointments at weekly intervals each lasting about 30 minutes.


Initial appointment £53.54  /  Subsequent appointment £42.84

Acupuncture & laser £49.87

To make an enquiry or book an appointment please call 01765 602396 or complete our Referral Form by clicking here.