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Introducing our new parasite protection delivery service


From September 2020 our Lifetime Care Club has changed to include home delivery of parasite control. 

VetsDeliver is great new service we’re offering that’s set to bring convenience, save you time and provide on-going health protection for your pet.

VetsDeliver provides your pet’s personal prescription for flea, tick and worm treatments dispensed and delivered direct to your door.

Once set up as a Lifetime Care Club client, your prescription will arrive automatically every quarter. Which means you’ll never have to remember treatment dates or put post-it notes on the fridge ever again! It also means your pet will never miss a dose, maximising the treatment’s effectiveness and ensuring ongoing good health. You won’t have to make a special journey to us just to pick up your prescription either, which is better for your pocket – and the environment. Your treatments will arrive in a recyclable box, designed to fit through your letterbox.

How VetsDeliver works
  • We’ll prescribe your pet’s first flea, tick and worm treatments during their health assessment.
  • We’ll dispense the first treatments in practice and take your first monthly VetsDeliver payment.

Together we will set up a Direct Debit and VetsDeliver will deliver the relevant parasite treatment until the next health assessment is due.


How VetsDeliver benefits your pet

We know that often pets pick up parasites not because their owners don’t care but because treatments are easy to forget. Fleas and ticks are a constant threat to your pet. In recent studies, 1 in 3 dogs were found to have ticks and 1 in 4 cats were found to have fleas.

Therefore, continuous treatment is vital to protect your pet, your family and your home. With VetsDeliver you’ll never need to remember to collect a dose again. VetsDeliver will have your pet’s parasite treatments delivered to your door. We will even send you a reminder to let you know it is  on it's way!

For more information and to sign up for our fabulous new service, please contact your local surgery.