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Cat Friendly Clinics

All of our surgeries have been awarded International Cat Care's Cat Friendly Clinic status.

An accredited Cat Friendly Clinic has reached a higher standard of cat care in that the team:

  • Understand the needs of cats
  • Have good knowledge and equipment to manage and deliver the best care for cats
  • Have made visits to the cat clinic more cat friendly
  • Understand how to approach and handle cats gently and with care
We have an ongoing commitment to high standards of care for cats, as a species cats have unique needs for us to meet.
  • Cats are highly sensitive to new sights, sounds and smells
  • Cats need to be handled gently and with respect in the clinic
  • Most cats prefer quiet and solitude and are highly susceptible to stress
  • Our cat friendly team aim to minimise any stress for cats when travelling to see us and with the treatment that they receive whilst they are with us.
Cat Advocates

As part of our ongoing commitment to cat care, all of our client care, nursing and veterinary team are taught to be cat friendly. In additional all of our surgeries have Cat Friendly Advocates. Our Cat Advocates ensure the cat friendly standards are adhered to. You are very welcome to contact the Cat Advocates with any questions you have regarding our cat friendly veterinary care. Our Advocates are shown below:

  • Ripon – Kathy Clarke, Sophie Folorunsho & Kate Fleetham
  • Easingwold & Thirsk – Gemma Cliffin 
  • Northallerton – Richard Shaw & Rachael Chapman
  • Pateley Bridge – Jess Umpleby


What does it mean for me and my cat?

A Cat Friendly Clinic gives you peace of mind and reassurance, letting you know that:

  • The clinic has achieved certain accreditation standards
  • The clinic and the clinical team have thought about the specific needs of cats
  • The team will be happy to talk with you, show you what they do, and show you around the clinic
  • The team will explain your cat's treatment and recovery clearly and sensitively so that you have a full understanding of what is going on

Advice when bringing a cat to Bishopton Vets
  • Good carrier – robust and easy to clean (plastic or plastic coated)
  • Top-opening carriers are easier – the cat can be gently lifted in or out
  • Cover the carrier with a blanket or towel during the journey to keep the cat calm
  • Secure the carrier in the car in a footwell or seat so it cannot move
  • Hold the carrier carefully – avoid swinging it or banging it against objects
  • Use the carrier at home – encourage the cat to sleep or be fed in the carrier, so it doesn't only appear when there is a vet visit!
  • Put bedding or clothing that smells of home in the carrier
  • Rub a cloth around the cat’s face to pick up scent, then rub this around the carrier and leave inside
  • Spray the carrier with Feliway® 30 minutes before use
  • Take spare bedding (smelling of home) in case the cat soils the carrier

For further information on ISFM and help with looking after your cat please see the leaflets below or visit International Cat Care