Game Bird Services

Our range of services include:

  • Disease investigation and post mortem examinations, onsite and at our practice.
  • Flock health and welfare visits as a part of our Flock Health Scheme in order to implement an active veterinary health plan.
  • Disease follow-up visits to ensure successful treatment and most importantly to work with you to help prevent problems occurring in the future.
  • Onsite Laboratory allowing us to analyse samples as quickly as possible in order to deliver an accurate and rapid diagnosis to provide medication, should it be required.

Laboratory tests available include:

  • Worm egg and coccidial oocyst counts on faeces and litter.
  • Hygiene swab cultures.
  • Drinking water cultures.
  • Bacterial and fungal cultures and antibiotic sensitivity testing.
  • Serological testing of bloods.
  • Post mortem examination of carcasses.

Dispensary service, competitively priced medicines and in-feed prescriptions.

For any more information please contact Dan King at the practice on 01904 481637.