Vet Tech Services

Our Vet Tech team work alongside our vets to provide additional cost effective services.

Foot trimming:

  • Experienced foot trimmer supported by vets with further qualifications in foot trimming and lameness control.
  • Hydraulic squeeze crush provides a modern system which is safe and low stress for operator and cow.
  • Integration with discounted vet attention for persistent and aggressive forms of lameness.

Other services; our Vet Techs can take control of this whole process for you:

  • Freeze branding service – our hourly rate makes our freeze branding service one of the most competitive in Yorkshire. Using a liquid nitrogen based system (without the limitations of dry ice) we can do small numbers of animals and offer a responsive flexible service.
  • Parasite control – taking ownership of parasite monitoring and worm treatments for you.
  • Fly control – combination of environmental and animal treatments transforms fly control on farms. Especially intensive dairy and pig units.
  • Vaccinations – help with delivery, cold chain maintenance and administration of your vaccines. An efficient way for extra skilled labour to remove the hassle from vaccination.
  • Disbudding – cost effective disbudding carried out to a high standard  with minimal stress to the calf.
  • Advanced breeding services such as embryo transfer & Al through RAFT solutions.