Dairy Herd Health Scheme

The Dairy Herd Health Scheme is a package of tools to help dairy farmers plan for the health of their herd. The scheme is designed to promote the best ways to keep livestock healthy and focuses on the programmes that will provide the greatest economic return.

The scheme covers the following:

  • Annual health plan covering farm assurance requirements
  • Benchmarking (bi-monthly)
  • Mobility scoring to support lameness control
  • Monthly mastitis monitoring reports
  • Parlour visits and teat scoring
  • Milk cultures x 10-pathogen profile
  • Bulk milk surveillance for infectious disease
  • Milk tube usage monitoring
  • Out of hours visits at discounted rates
  • Veterinary advisory reviews (herd specific)
  • Preferential medicine bands
  • 25% off FarmSkills training
  • Discussion group membership training points (DairyPro)
  • 20% off all pet bills
  • Scheme available on monthly terms (£91.20 per month)
  • Additional modules available on monthly terms