Beef Services

Our team have a raft of experience working with pedigree and commercial herds alike and can tailor a service to suit your requirements. We provide both proactive herd level advice and reactive care to beef herds of any size.

In addition to the traditional service we offer a beef herd health scheme which provides a holistic approach to ensuring the health and welfare of your herd whilst maximising productivity. Focusing on infectious disease management, breeding efficiency and feeding it can be tailored to suit any herd and offers veterinary input at great value. The following services are available as stand alone or as part of our great value herd health scheme. To find out more about our Beef Health Scheme please click on either  Beef Herd Health Scheme or Beef Finisher Health Scheme.

  • Fertility Management
  • Nutritional monitoring and advice
  • Infectious Disease control and Health Status Accreditation
  • Discounted Medicines
  • Red Tractor Standard Herd Health Plan

Please call 01765 602396 and speak to a vet if you would like to know more.