Advanced Breeding Services

We have a full range of advanced breeding services which are available through our sister company RAFT Solutions, these include the following:

  • SemenRate quantitative semen analysis
  • On farm bovine embryo collection and transfer (ET) as well as a high health residential embryo transfer unit.
  • Repeat breeder ET; commercial beef or dairy embryos
  • OPU (ovum pick-up) and IVP (in vitro production of embryos)
  • Bull testing and semen collection for stud
  • Infertility and repeat breeder investigation and treatment
  • Dye testing for oviduct patency (blocked tubes)
  • Genomics packages – including CLARIFIDE® herd health and testing packageclarifide-logo (002)
  • Regular and practical DIY AI training and refresher courses are run in conjunction with our sister company RAFT Solutions, click here for further information.