Hospitalised Patients

RAFTWe have a dedicated registered veterinary nurse caring for and supervising our hospitalised patients at all times. Our nurses are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand that leaving your pet on any occasion can be a worrying time so we have put together a Patient Charter to reassure you that they will get the best possible treatment whilst they are in our care.

We want to reassure you that whilst your pet is away from you they will be looked after with the highest standards of compassion and care.

We pledge to deliver the following standard of care:

  • The veterinary surgeon responsible for your pet’s care will perform a clinical examination at least twice daily.
  • We have separate wards for cats and dogs.
  • We will provide a warm, clean and comfortable bed in a suitably sized kennel. We have a range of kennels to suit all patients.
  • We will feed your pet appropriate to his/her nutritional requirements.
  • Your pet will always have fresh water available.
  • We will discuss any additional investigation or treatment with you to ensure that we have your permission to go ahead.
  • We will weigh your pet daily.
  • We will provide exercise or rest as appropriate to your pet’s needs.
  • We have isolation facilities to ensure that pets with infectious disease do not pose a threat to others. In addition, we follow strict cleaning and hand hygiene practice to help prevent hospital-based infections.
  • We will phone, text or e-mail you (according to your preference) twice daily to provide a progress report.

You are welcome to visit at any time – please arrange a time with us prior to your arrival.