VetSure Pet Insurance


Each year 1 in 3 pets is injured or becomes ill* and needs urgent veterinary treatment.  Insurance can help you cover the cost of these unexpected bills leaving you free to concentrate on helping an important member of your family recover.

Bishopton Veterinary Group recommend having your pet insured and are accredited as an Appointed Representative of Vetsure Pet Insurance ®. Through working relationships with the veterinary profession Vetsure aims to offer the best value for money premiums and access to the highest standards of treatment through their network of trusted practices.

We promote Vetsure Pet Insurance® because…

Vetsure make it simple: We are part of the trusted Vetsure network. This means that Vetsure are happy for us to settle the bill directly with them when you make an eligible claim. After treatment you simply pay us the policy excess.

Vetsure for tailored cover: Pick and choose from a range of benefits and benefit levels to suit your budget. To further adjust your monthly premium, you can choose from a range of excess levels (£69, £109 or £149).

Vetsure cover for life: If your pet develops an ongoing condition like arthritis or diabetes, the vet treatment benefits offered will recharge every year for each condition**. Vetsure also only charge the excess once per unrelated condition – many insurers charge the excess every year – which can soon make costs add up.

For more information about Vetsure Pet Insurance – or to obtain a quote – visit the vetsure website or call 0800 050 20 22. Alternatively, ask a clinic staff member to arrange a call from the Vetsure team at your convenience!

It is always worth shopping around for any insurance,  we have come up with the following checklist to help you choose your pet insurer:-

  • In the event of a claim what is the excess that you will pay?
  • How much cover do you get?
  • Is it ‘true’ cover for life for any condition, not just 12 months per condition?
  • Anything noted on a pets history before taking out a policy will be deemed pre-exisiting and not be covered.
  • What type of cover is offered:-
    • Is it a specified sum per condition per year?
    • Is it an amount per condition and once used up the condition is no longer insured?
    • Is it a fixed amount in total for all claims in 1 year?
    • Is it a policy which has only 12 months cover for each condition, (n.b. start date of a condition is when first noted not first treated).


*source: Datamonitor – UK Pet Insurance 2008.

**provided your premiums are kept up to date and your policy remains in place.