Reproductive Services

Reproductive Services

At Bishopton Equine we provide a full service for all clients wishing to breed horses from stud owners to owners of single mares.

These services include but are not restricted to:

i.            Routine swabbing of breeding animals for contagious equine metritis (CEM)

ii.            Blood sampling of mares and stallions for Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) and Equine infectious anaemia (EIA)before visiting studs

iii.            Routine pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound scanning. Usually performed at days 14-15 post service and repeated at approximately 28-30 days to detect early twinning and confirm singleton pregnancies.

iv.            Twin reductions.

v.            Treatment and management of the sub fertile mare.

vi.            Fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination (AI) packages for mare owners.

vii.            Assistance at foaling.

Health planning for studs for example nutritional advice, worm planning (using faecal worm egg counts where applicable), vaccination required, isolation procedures. We are very happy to advise on any the listed issues, please call the practice to discuss.